Professional Development

Taylor-Made Just for You

Your Teachers and Students Deserve the Best! A great way to provide professional growth programs that are “tailored” to your needs!

Dr. T. Roger Taylor will Taylor-Make your professional growth program to meet the individual needs of your students and teachers!

  • Dr. T. Roger Taylor is recognized as an international leader in providing professional development for educators! He is known for his unique ability to present current research-based information to participants in a humorous, motivating, and fast-paced style.
  • Teachers are able to return to their classrooms and immediately apply the teaching strategies and techniques that make Roger's methods so meaningful.
  • Roger has presented Keynotes and General Sessions for hundreds of professional organizations and school districts.

Dr. Taylor will Taylor-Make  a plan for professional development that is based on the specific needs of your students and staff. Whether you choose Roger to work with your teachers during a One-day Workshop or for a Long-term Series of Workshops, the goals and objectives are established to provide the most effective staff development.

We plan for your professional development by determining your specific needs and matching the in service program to achieve your goals and objectives specifically for your unique staff and school district.  Complete the Needs Assessment Form so that we may Taylor-Make a professional growth program just for you.  Our Director of Professional Growth Programs discusses your needs assessment with you to determine the best way to accomplish your desired outcomes.

Dr. Taylor brings the workshop to you with this specially designed on-site training. His expertise and depth of knowledge in curriculum issues and practical strategies for the classroom teacher spans all grade levels!  He has a unique ability to relate to all teachers, all grade an urban, surburban, or rural setting, private, public, charter, or home-school and everyone in-between.

  • Multi-Day Professional Development
    Roger will work with you to determine your program needs and help you meet and exceed those needs.  He will help you determine the type of professional development required and the number of days needed to accomplish your goals. 
  • Long-term Professional Development
    The on-going support for teachers is necessary for exemplary professional development.  Roger will motivate your teachers with a one-day workshop; keep the energy going with a long-term plan, and follow-up with teacher implementation of best practices that work for your students.

Staff Development designed just for you…

One-Day Workshop – Whether it is a district-wide Professional  Development day or a day concentrating on a particular topic with a  specific group of teachers, Roger will provide teachers and staff with  practical, research-based strategies through an interactive, hands-on  presentation.  Educators will leave inspired and take back to their classroom ideas for the next day.


  • District-Wide Professional Development Day
  • All-Staff "Welcome Back-to-School" Day


Keynote / Featured Speaker

Dr. Taylor is a popular featured speaker and keynoter because of his unique ability to present research-based, relevant information in a humorous and entertaining manner.  Whether the topic is Differentiated Curriculum, At-Risk Students, Gifted/Talented Students, Closing the Achievement Gap, the Middle School Concept, Learning Communities or High School Reform, Roger’s presentation is always energetic and motivating.  He has a special talent for relating to an audience filled with kindergarten, elementary, middle school and high school teachers, while touching the hearts and minds of all. Dr. Taylor has enjoyed keynoting for hundreds of school districts during his 30 years as an educator. 


For more information about booking Roger Taylor for a Taylor-Made Workshop or for your next keynote, please contact us to get started with personalizing professional development to meet your specific needs

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