Summer Workshops

Create Your Own Differentiated Curriculum Units with Dr. T. Roger Taylor


Many school districts cite Dr. Taylor's unique differentiated curriculum model as the major factor for the significant increase of student achievement and test scores on state and national assessments, while bringing excitement and energy to the classroom.


About Summer Workshops...

Write a research-based curriculum unit in 5 days!
Create a differentiated curriculum unit based on the individual strengths of the students in your classroom!  Your bright students will no longer be bored.  Your struggling students will find learning more meaningful, which creates a feeling of success and self-assurance.

Use a thematic approach to teach broad concepts!
"Less can be more" when using interdisciplinary themes to anchor concepts.  Authentic learning happens when your students learn concepts that are "an inch wide and a mile deep" rather than "and inch deep and a mile wide."  Concepts are retained, while facts are integrated into the learning process.

Add fun and excitment into your teaching!
Learn how to incorporate the innovative  GPS:  Guiding Pupils to Success Model into your daily schedule so that students understand and remember what is taught and are excited and engaged in the learning process!  You will become energized when you see your students successful learners.

Apply creative thinking skills to academic content!
Stretch your students to think divergently so that they can become lateral thinkers and problem solvers rather than only sequential thinkers.  Learn to master content by moving out of your left brain and into your right mind.

Become an Innovative Teacher and Learn Proven Hands-On Teaching Strategies...Teach Smarter Not Harder!
Differentiate the curriculum using ready-to-use strategies that you can immediately implement with your students.  A broad range and variety of strategies such as cooperative learning, compacting and application of multiple intelligences will help you meet the needs of all your students.  The nine Instructional Strategies from ASCD's Classroom Instruction that Works by Robert Marzano, et. al. are incorporated into each lesson plan as well as the Eight Intelligenes of Howard Gardner.


Explore ways to build student achievement and intrinsic motivation through Project-Centered Learning!
Differentiating the curriculum by integrating media, literature, fine arts, cultural literacy, social studies, science, and mathematics creates an environment where students are successful.  Incorporate scaffolding and tiering into your content and reading materials without ability grouping or tracking.

Help your students connect to other content areas and the World of Work!
Students have long term memory for real world applications and performance on state and national exams when they learn content by actively engaging in higher order thinking skills rather than memorizing information for the "test on Friday."  The GPS is an interdisciplinary model that assists your students in understanding how the disciplines are related and interconnected.

Provide opportunities to become independent learners while working in Smaller Learning Communities!
Use the unique student I-Search/Research project so that students will learn to make decisions, solve problems, and communicate with others.  Leadership skills are developed through I-Search and group We-Search projects aligned with state standards.

Integrate Character Education into your Curriculum!
Teaching students "to do the right thing when no one is looking" is woven into specific content areas and activities for critical and ethical thinking.  Students will learn standards while using academic content in processing ethics dilemmas.



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