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Striving to go From STEM to STEAM?

Exploring ideas for project-centered learning?

Seeking curriculum that integrates the Common Core State Standards?

Looking for curriculum units focusing on Bullying?

Wanting to integrate science into your classroom, but not sure how?

Trying to find differentiated curriculum?

Attempting to include 21st Century Skills into your daily lesson plans to engage, motivate and ignite the 21st Century student?


Check out these curriculum units, which are perfect for current events....right now.....in the news!  Immigration....US Constitution and more!!

Building Bridges, Not Walls or Leggo my Ethos

I Would Rather Die Standing than Live on my Knees or R-E-S-P-E-C-T....Just a Little Bit

From Free Speech to Doublespeak from 1776 to 1984 or Freedom...What is it Good for...without Responsibility

Mass Culture Club... Do you Really Want to Change Me?

Click on Curriculum Units...Search....Type in Name of Unit!

Find thousands of differentiated curriculum units for K-12 students based on The GPS Curriculum Model:   Guiding Pupils to Success™  that will do all of the above!

The  GPS is an integrated, interdisciplinary, thematic curriculum model.  Click on the Sample Curriculum Units link on the right side of this page or go to Curriculum Units link in the menubar above and create a search for topics and your grade level.  You will be directed to a list of curriculum unit titles and a summary of each unit.    

Treat your staff, mentor, coach, co-teacher, department chair or yourself to a Curriculum Design On-line membership.  An individual membership is only $25.00 per month ($15.00 for members) for access to thousands of differentiated curriculum units.  Administrators...treat your entire building to a membership for just $540 ($420 for members) for a year membership.  Your entire faculty, whether you have 25 teachers or 250+ teachers, can have access 24/7 to the most comprehensive resource for K-12 curriculum units.   


Bring Roger Taylor to your district for exciting professional development!  Choose from the multitude of topics that will meet the specific needs of your teachers!

Roger's workshop..."From STEM to STEAM" shows teachers how to integrate the Fine Arts into the curriculum.  

An exciting and very popular professional development opportunity!


Take time to look around the site and explore everything CDE-Online has to offer!  TaylorTube features videos Dr. Taylor finds interesting, and we know you will, too.  Check back often to see what new video has been added



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